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Democratic Voters in Texas 15th Congressional need to read about both Michelle Vallejo and Ruben Ramirez. 

Michelle Vallejo is the daughter of working-class immigrants. She watched as her parents worked multiple jobs to get by. Today, Michelle is the owner of her family's small business, Pulga Los Portales, a neighborhood market that serves as a second home for the community members they serve. Michelle sees the struggles that South Texas families face to get ahead. 

That’s why as your Congresswoman, Michelle will fight for us by:

  • Standing up to Republicans like Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott 
  • Taking on the insurance companies to get people the quality and affordable healthcare they deserve 
  • Increasing the minimum wage 
  • Making college and higher education affordable for all 

{Voter Fraud} Ruben Ramirez can't be trusted - he supported a corrupt politician who was indicted for a voter fraud scheme 

BACK UP: Ramirez was close allies with a mayor who was charged with creating a voter fraud scheme. Even after the mayor was indicted on 11 counts of illegal voting and one count of engaging in organized election fraud, Ramirez publicly supported his re-election. 

[Valley Central, 7/1/2021; Facebook, Ruben R. Ramirez, 7/1/2021]

{GOP Agenda} Ramirez is supported by the GOP agenda and same supporters of Donald Trump

BACKUP: Ruben Ramirez’s top campaign donors have ties to Republican politicians and organizations that wanted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, opposed measures to ensure wealthy corporations and billionaires pay their fair share, and were key supporters to Donald Trump.

[Federal Election Commission, accessed 3/2/2022; Brookings, 10/9/2020; Forbes, 10/10/2019]